Anderson's Drive-In: Policies + Procedures

Ticket Information

1) A Carload Parking Pass is your admission ticket. They are one ticket PER ONE VEHICLE, ONE PARKING SPOT, UP TO 8 PEOPLE. Ex. if you have a party bus that takes up 3 parking spots, you will need to purchase 3 tickets. Tickets guarantee you admission and a parking spot

2) Parking: Our gates will open at 5:30pm to begin parking. The first two rows are reserved for smaller cars as SUVs and large trucks in the first two rows make it difficult for the rest of the vehicles to see well. The rest of the parking is first come first serve. So please note, if you are the first person in line to park, and you are in an SUV, you will be parked in the 3rd row. 


4) How do you hear the movie? Via your FM stereo radio- we will have which station to dial into up on the screen. We recommend you start your vehicle every 30 minutes to ensure your car battery doesn't die.

5) This is a rain or shine event, refunds will not be issued.

6) If you plan on leaving the movie before it ends, please park in the back row.

7) No smoking.

8) This is a drive-in movie event (not a tailgate party!) so please remain in your vehicles unless you are getting food or using the restroom. This keeps all of our visitors safe.


Food + Beverage + Policy on Outside Food

1) Food and beverage concession will be available on site. 

2) No outside alcohol is permitted on premise (per Virginia ABC regulations).

3) No outside food is permitted on premise. Many people think that drive-in's make money off admission tickets-- but the sad fact is that the studios take the majority of the income for film rentals/licensing. Concession sales are what keeps movie theaters and drive-ins open. We have worked hard to provide family-affordable pricing and good quality food to our patrons. With that said, we do not allow outside food to be brought in. 


COVID-19 Policy

1) You must maintain a 6 ft social distance between you and other movie guests when outside of your vehicle.

2) No lawn chairs currently permitted. 

2) It is highly recommended that you wear a mask or facecovering during your visit. Masks are currently required when in our building and using our restrooms.

3) Please wash your hands and sanitize them regularly during your visit.


Friendly Viewing Tips

1) So people can have the best view possible: If you want to back into your space and open up the rear hatch of your SUV or hatchback car, use something to tie down the hatch door so it doesn't open up past the top of your vehicle. As tempting as it may be, please don't climb onto the roof of your car to watch the movie.

2) Please keep your headlights, brake lights, and interior lights off.